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"A Single, Standout feature of a kitchen or bathroom can create a stunning effect without overloading the space, visualise it now by using our printed glass spashback simulator below....

What better way to accurately see how your splashback may look than viewing it in situ on our splashback simulator? It’s a simple tool that offers promising design results for your splashback inspiration.

Just follow the easy steps below and get creative – you can even save and share the simulator mock ups to people you’d like to get advice from. 

INGLASS Kitchen black6

Kitchen Splashback Simulator

Design your dream kitchen, right here, by flicking through the options and choosing the perfect splashback for your home.

INGLASS Bathroom mockup 20


See how your ideas will actually look when placed in a bathroom with our design tool. Be inspired and flick through the different options until you can decide on the perfect splashback for your dream bathroom.

INGLASS SlidingDoor mockup2

Etched Glass / Sliding Doors

Be inspired and flick through the different etching pattern options to help invisage the look and style you want.