The Difference is Clear

Over the years, I’ve encouraged the team and suppliers to honour the In Glass Design values of hard work, trust and commitment to quality. To represent the company with pride and complete a project not in a “tick box” fashion but rather, to carry out a premium and professional job as design and glazier artisans. I believe it’s not what you do that says who you are – the way you do it is who you are.

Operating in a trades related industry, I’ve heard from many client’s, countless times, about the unfortunate trades experiences they’ve encountered on construction projects. I’m here to tell you that this is exactly the opposite of how we deliver custom glass projects, whether it’s a one-off residential job or large commercial fit out. We’re 100% transparent and communicate openly with honesty and integrity in an open client relationship. We see straight through the questionable competition and can help you too as well.

The best reward for us is the positive client feedback we receive regarding how helpful, respectful, and professional our staff are – as you can read in the testimonials below. We see everyone as a big fish in our pond.

At the end of the day, what we deliver is an inspired glass feature designed to create enjoyment while enriching your lifestyle. At in Glass Design, we all feel the process in getting there should be exactly the same.



Through our deep industry knowledge, we guarantee “excellence through efficiency” in honing your vision into a living reality – budget parametres always considered. We see this commitment and focus as a shared journey to create a quality glass product that reflects your individual style while intuitively bringing a desired space to life. With In Glass Design, the difference is clear.

Who we are

We are committed to delivering exceptional service and outstanding quality in your glass design products. By having a diverse and experienced team, we are able to complete every step of the project from design to manufacturing and installation. This allows us to be more time and cost efficient and bring affordable glass features to your home.

"In Glass Design was the first glass company in Queensland to own and operate a dedicated industrial flatbed printer"
We invest in the best and latest technology to give our customers the very best product at a fair price!

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How can we help

Through our 22+ years of industry experience, we have developed a unique 5 step process that creates the highest quality glass products.  This process allows us to deliver our products and services in the most time and cost efficient way by using our in-house team from the design to manufacture and installation.